History and Hermeneutics for Mathematics Education

Storia ed Ermeneutica per la Didattica della Matematica




Calculus by De Morgan (1842)

Il Calculus di De Morgan (1842)



De Morgan, A. (1842), The differential and integral Calculus, Baldwin and Cradock, London


DE MORGAN Augustus (1806-1871)




Introductory chapter.

Chapter I.           On the processes of direct differentiation.

Chapter II.          On the general theory of functional increments and differentiation.

Chapter III.         On algebraical development.

Chapter IV.         Calculus of finite differences.

Chapter V.          On implicit differentiation.

Chapter VI.         Meaning of, and processes in, integration.

Chapter VII.       Trigonometrical analysis.

Chapter VIII.      On the meaning of differential coefficients, and of the first principles of the application of the science to geometry and mechanics.

Chapter IX.         On the connexion of differentiations of different kinds.

Chapter X.          On singular values.

Chapter XI.         On differential equations.

Chapter XII.       Further application to algebra.

Chapter XIII.      Miscellaneous examples and developments.

Chapter XIV.      Application to geometry of two dimensions.

Chapter XV.       Application to geometry of three dimensions.

Chapter XVI.      On the calculus of variations.

Chapter XVII.    Application to mechanics.

Chapter XVIII.   On interpolation and summation.

Chapter XIX.      On the transformation of divergent developments.

Chapter XX.       On definite integrals.

Chapter XXI.      On differential equations and equations of differences.



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History and Hermeneutics for Mathematics Education

(Giorgio T. Bagni, Editor)

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